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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been ranked the number one cancer among Indian females.

Not only this , but young age has been found to be a major risk factor for breast cancer .But the good part is the excellent chance of recovery it has,

if detected early . This is possible by screening the women and also by teaching them breast self examination . SYMPTOMS -Though not all breast lumps or swellings are cancerous , one must report to her doctor if she discovers one . Also see your doctor if you notice -change in size/ shape of your breasts -bloody discharge from your nipples - dimpling/ irritation of the breast skin - rash on / around the nipples - nipple retraction WHO IS AT RISK -It is always said that the risk increases as one ages , but we see a lot of younger women esp in their 30 s too being diagnosed with breast cancer. Infact breast cancer at a younger age is more fierce . - Family history of breast cancer and even a family history of ovarian cancer puts one at a greater risk - increased breast feeding and physical activity are protective against breast cancer. - Obesity is a risk factor - Low parity , alcohol consumption and tobacco chewing are some other risk factors for breast cancer . SCREENING Screening is widely available with mammography and even ultrasound . It is recommended for all women above the age of 40 years once a year. TREATMENT Surgery , Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy are the mainstay and have good results in early stages.

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