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Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

For a woman, pregnancy is the best and the most memorable phase of her life! This is when she explores a lot of amazing things about motherhood. Although the phase makes them feel the happiest, every would be mother goes through some annoying symptoms that affects their mental health and stability. One such symptom to talk about is frequent urination. This is a common early pregnancy symptom, that can reappear later during pregnancy as the uterus and baby grow, putting pressure on the bladder.

Read on to find out what causes the condition and how to deal with it.


Although peeing frequently is irritating, it is also a normal and a common pregnancy symptom. Check with some of the causes that leads to such a situation.

Hormonal Changes: During pregnancy, HCG hormone is active and this what serves as a major reason behind excessive urination. It increases the blood flow towards kidneys and pelvic region, which turn more efficient. The body tries to get rid of the waste quickly.

Excessive Fluid: The level of blood increases during pregnancy and is almost 50% more than what it was before you got pregnant. This builds up extra fluid that gets processed in the kidneys and results in excess urination.

Urinary Tract Infection: UTI or bladder infection, can cause serious health issues. Frequent urination is one such issue. Other symptoms include pain at the end of urination, and blood spots in the urinary. If left untreated, UTI can cause kidney infection as well.

How to deal with this situation?

As said, frequent urination is a common pregnancy symptom, here are a few tricks to manage the condition in a better way. Take a look at the below points;

Lean forward while urinating: Leaning forward will help empty out the bladder easily. This ensures that your bladder is properly emptied so that you need to go to the loo for a few time.

Avoid taking excessive fluids before bedtime: Cut short on fluids before you go to bed. Make sure you drink more water throughout the day.

Avoid diuretics: It’s better to avoid beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol as they are diuretic in nature. Consuming them will surely increase the urge to pee.

Do Exercise: Kegel exercises are good during pregnancy. The best part is you can perform discreetly at anywhere. It’s better to do the exercise three times a day.

Empty the Bladder: Try to clear out the bladder before you go to sleep. When you are going out to attend any event, make sure you have toilet.

Wear a Pad: Wearing a pad is an easy solution. Most of the pregnant women use incontinence pads.

Reaching out a Healthcare Provider and Diagnosis

Every medical situation needs proper care and medical guidance. If you’re suffering from this condition and are not able to resolve, reach Pelvinic Clinic in Delhi and get the condition diagnosed. Pelvinic has the best team of doctors to diagnose your gynecological issue and make the situation better for you.

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