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 Established in 2017, with a simple goal of empowering women, in and on the cusp of their reproductive phase, with knowledge and awareness that further enables them to make improved reproductive and maternal health-oriented decisions.  

   A  woman is most vulnerable when she’s in her adolescence, and that’s where our work begins, of providing individuals with a solid health base. It’s during this time that she experiences varied reproductive health changes that can be normalized by sharing knowledge. 

GRF uses culturally sensitive awareness programmes as one of the tools to promote maternal wellness; further assisting women to achieve dignity-based maternal-child care.
    What are we hoping to do? Ensure that mothers are well-informed about pregnancy-related challenges, resulting in happy, and healthy childbirths.

    To achieve this, the foundation works with local partners, health workers and communities to mobilize and promote healthy behaviors and practices.

our programs



To ensure an adequate reproductive health education for adolescents we work closely with health experts and school counselors to create a comprehensive guide that would assist young minds in taking prudent decisions. 


Every Mother


We focus on educating expectant mothers by providing them with a platform via which they are able to interact with healthcare professionals who offer in-depth knowledge, resulting in enhanced quality of care mothers need for themselves and their newborns.  


Gender sensitisation


We regularly collaborate with the male partners to gender sensitise them on how to make their partners’ lives comfortable, by understanding maternal care and childbirth better, and lending support.


OPD on Wheels


OPD on wheels is a first-of-its-kind mobile clinic to provide medical assistance and personal health advisor to the needy across various slums and government schools across Delhi/NCR.






OPD on


Breastfeeding week 2019

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