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Why you are the best role model for your baby

Babies are a handful. A handful of emotions, a handful of joy, a handful of happiness, and something that can also lead to a lot of mismanaged time, for sure!

Mothers, make sure you take some time out for yourself! Mothers are the ones who their children see first. After all, children imitate and love to copy what their moms do. Talking from personal experience, I’ve seen it first-hand myself.

My relationship with my daughter comprises of her trying to be like me, eat like me and sometimes even imitate my facial gestures. While she may only be turning 1, it doesn’t stop the little one from knowing her mind and doing things as she sees them. Be a role model for your child, they can process and understand just about anything, even though they may not be able to say it out loud.

Children should be allowed to develop their own identity and explore their environment. They need to observe, absorb and create. After all, they are little people longing to fit in and communicate with us. Talk to your child, even if they don’t understand, they pick up on phonetics and try to talk back, even if it's just baby talk. Constant interaction helps develop personality, talking back to your child, asking questions encourages them to think and communicate back with you.

Each child has a different learning and growth curve.

Don’t be afraid of letting your child go outdoor and play either. Some parents tend to get a little over protective and worry that their child may come back with a scar. We need to give them a little credit here — it’s also called classical conditioning.

This is biological and inbuilt, if at first the child has had a bad experience or a fall, chances are they will learn and not do it again. So mommies, its okay if you baby has a few marks and scars. Let's just call them baby war wounds! However, keeping Dettol or Savlon handy at all times is advised!

Your little warrior has a lot to learn, touch, feel and see. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad mom if something happens, but it’s important for them to learn too. However, always keep an eye on your little one. They may have a mind of their own, but need guidance.

Discipline and routine are very important. They set timelines in place. No one's asking you to be a super-strict mother who never allows her child anything, but yes, discipline them so that from a young age they learn the difference between right and wrong. Children pick up on emotions and signals. You needn’t have to say it, they can read into it and learn from you.

Food and nutrition are extremely important. Like I said earlier, children tend to ape their parents, so if they see you eating with a spoon or a fork, they may pick one up and do the same. Let them! Consult with your pediatrician, they will be the best to advise you on when to switch from baby formula to solid foods.

Each child has a different learning and growth curve. While some move on sooner, it doesn’t mean that the others are slow. They just take their time and grasp things according to their own growth curve. Lastly, hygiene — a happy baby means a healthy baby!

So, ensure that your child’s needs are covered and you’ll always have one happy, smiling baby who will light up your world, and in turn, keep a smile on your face!

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