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(Dr. O.P. Mishra) IPS

On behalf of Department of Prisons and Correctional Administration, Chandigarh, I would like to thank Gracia-Raina Foundation for organizing a very meaningful interactive workshop on reproductive health and mental wellbeing for female inmates of Model Jail, Chandigarh. I am sure this interaction will help the inmates in overcoming stress while staying in the Prison and improving their overall health.

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Dr. Upneet Lalli
Deputy Director,
Institute of Correctional Administration

Women’s health issues are important, even inside the prison. Her right to access healthcare facilities should remain intact. I am happy that we've taken a step towards discussing incarcerated women’s reproductive and mental health, which has remained a neglected area of concern for several years. We are indeed hopeful that with Gracia Raina Foundation, we will be able to address this issue and take suggestive measures based on the study for improving the life of women in custody. Our first few workshops at the jails received a very positive feedback from the inmates and staff. I hope that we can take the programme forward to more prisons as well.

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Manoj Sinha,
Principal, Aryabhatta College, Delhi

It is high time that institutions that deal with young adult take responsibility of making young, curious girl's into responsible and informed adults . The technological revolution of information coupled with adolescent curiosity puts a lot of psychological and sociological pressures on the students, sometimes making it difficult for them to choose right from wrong. Raina foundation comes as an aid to address the medical and emotional stress. Its module is well designed to suit the needs of college going students as it highlights the physical dangers that may prove life changing if not taken care of in age of sexual liberation that is being popularised by societal conditions and carried by media these days in the name of individualism. While the women have to be cautious and careful, the men have to learn to be more sensitive and responsible. Well done Raina Foundation.

Renu Tomar, Principal (jwaharlal samrak kannaya inter college, muradnagar, meerut)

Would you believe if I told you I didn't know about a lot of things about our reproductive system? The RightAGE workshop conducted by GRF was wonderful as it was beneficial. With the help of health experts, roughly 1,000 adolescent girls were made aware of how a female reproductive system functions - the complexities of it and how one can take care during the difficult days. Not only did the girls benefit from it, but also the teachers & mothers attending the event. I truly believe that the subject GRF has chosen for its RightAGE programme is crucial because even today topics such as menstruation are spoken of in hush tones. Our society needs to talk about this. Girls don't need to feel shy or hesitant any longer. So, thank you very much for organising this special workshop. We hope we can continue our association & have more such workshops organised in the future.

Mrs. Anju Chawdhary,
Principal, Govt. Senior Secondary School, Ropar, Punjab

Thank you GRF for organising your RightAGE workshop in Punjab, where reproductive & sexual health issues are worrying. It's crucial and we need more of these to happen. It'll help our society rise above the taboo, shame, stigma attached to reproductive & sexual health. Everyone needs to have a clear idea about how it's like when a woman bleeds, the process of pregnancy, contraception etc. The workshop touched upon these topics and more, raising awareness among our school kids, helping them develop a wise  approach towards women's health issues. We all learned so much from the workshop. Thank you for doing this with us!"

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