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RIGHTAGE - Menstrual Hygiene Workshop


#MenstrualHygieneDay, May 28, was all about learning & raising awareness on how to best take care of oneself during those 5 days of the month so that one stays protected from unwanted illnesses arising from improper hygiene and sanitation. 

Recently, we concluded a menstrual hygiene workshop with an eager bunch from Navjivan Sarvodaya Girls School, New Delhi. Attended by 300 girls, the event was organized in collaboration with Aarohan NGO.

Even though we had our health expert, Dr. Shelly Singh, speak on the risks of maintaining poor menstrual hygiene, she did highlight how crucial it is to dispose of used material carefully. 

Proper disposal of sanitary waste is as important as maintaining personal hygiene. 

The benefits are 2 fold: 

One, it helps the segregator collect and categorize the waste properly. 
Two, it doesn't damage the environment because the waste never reaches the landfill and is managed efficiently at waste treatment facilities.

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