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Priyanka Chaudhary Raina is one of the founders of the Gracia Raina Foundation. She brings an impeccable pedigree from the corporate sector to her work as a social impact entrepreneur. Embracing motherhood, community and working towards the upliftment of the girl child, has given her a new mission in life. A software engineer by education, Priyanka completed a stellar stint as a banker in the Netherlands, before moving back to India. 

Motherhood has given a rare sensitivity towards the needs of the girl child and made her realize how many are without privileges. This realization led her to actively engage with various NGO's to promote education for the girl child and gender equality. On their daughter’s first birthday, along with her husband, Priyanka announced the launch of her brainchild, the GRACIA RAINA FOUNDATION (GRF). Dedicated to the aid of underprivileged mothers across the country, GRF works closely with mothers and children who require help ranging from physical to mental health issues and beyond. 

She has already been involved with initiatives such as PAALNA with RED FM, and The Delhi NCR Food Bank Network. Recently, she has started her own show, The Priyanka Raina Show on Red FM. The show creates awareness on several issues like domestic violence, acid attack, girl child education, sexual harassment, gender bias and equality, menstrual hygiene and other taboos related to women.
Under her guidance, after the successful execution of OPD on Wheels, the foundation is now working towards the implementation of exclusive cultural sensitive ‘Wellness Centres’ for new and expectant mothers healthcare needs.

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