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Murad Nagar , Right age program

14th December, 2018: An adolescent health workshop was held at Muradnagar’s Jawahar Lal Memorial Girls Inter College as part of Gracia

Raina Foundation’s RightAGE programme. It was attended by 1,000 girls, their

mothers & staff members.

Led by Priyanka Chaudhary Raina, Founder & Director-Gracia Raina Foundation, and presented by Dr. Shelly Singh, Senior Gynaecologist, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, the workshop was organised to sensitise adolescent girls about reproductive health and its complexities.

“It’s extremely crucial that as women we support other women. It’s important that all you girls share knowledge with each other, talk more often about reproductive health issues so that later in life you are able to take better, evolved decisions. There’s nothing to ashamed of, be more open about these issues and you’ll see the world change around you,” Founder, GRF, Priyanka said.


Parents play a key role in shaping their children’s health, which is why it’s imperative they keep an open communication with their kids. In most cases, parents don’t do this and this concerns us. It’s time we broke the ice, educated our adolescents about their own health, Priyanka added.


During the session, Dr. Singh talked extensively about how menstruation leads to varied mental and physical changes that. She explained PCOD, how a sedative lifestyle and bad nutrition are two major causes for it, further suggesting that basic physical activities should be incorporated in an adolescent’s daily routine.

Teen pregnancy, mental health, and early marriages were some of the other key

subjects that were highlighted at the event. 


So far, RightAGE has impacted over 2,000 girls spanning the cities of Delhi & Uttar Pradesh. It’s a pan India programme and will soon reach multiple cities & states like Rajasthan, J&K, MP & Jharkhand.

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